We Find Your Next Diversity Leaders

Diversity Professionals is one of the hardest roles to fill. You need a real leader 

Chief DIversity Office Jobs

Fit for Purpose

Every organization is unique and has different requirements for DEI. We work with you to identify your needs and find the best fit DEI hires. 

Access to large Diverse Talent Database

We have worked with a large number of experienced diversity, Equity, inclusion thought leaders and change-makers. Our diversity talent and HR database allows us to find the right fit for your organization. 


Not all diversity professionals are created equal. 

100% Satisfaction, Never Stop

We will continue to find the best leaders and professionals for you until you are satisfied. We work with you to change your needs until the most applicable talent is found. 

One of the Lowest Fee in Executive Search

Our Small Effort to support Diversity and Inclusion Social Impact, our fee is among the lowest across all executive firms. 

We are surgical and focused, we source the best that fit your needs. 

Contact us: info@equitydiversity.org

Social Impact brings a better world.

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